Add dimensions to bend lines in flat patterns automatically

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Making lots of drawings for sheet metal parts gets boring pretty quickly. To help you with that, Drew can add a flat pattern view to a new drawing automatically.

We can even show the bounding box, hide or show bend lines and rotate the flat pattern so that the long edge lays horizontal or vertical.

Bend-to-bend dimensions for flat patterns

Drew can add dimensions between bend lines in a flat pattern view. We’ll find all horizontal and vertical lines, then add dimensions at the left of the view and at the bottom.

There is a separate setting for adding outer dimensions and we add those at the top and right of the view.

Sheet metal flat pattern add bend line dimensions automatically

Available settings for flat patterns

Drew has a whole tab full of your preferences for flat pattern views. Here you can also enable bend-to-bend dimensions.

Sheet metal bend to bend dimensions - bend lines - solidworks