Sheet metal settings

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Drew can create a 1:1 flat pattern sheet per unique sheet metal body or add a scaled flat pattern view to a normal sheet.

All of these views can be completely customized to your company’s preferences.

Drew flat pattern rotate settings

Rotate flat pattern view

When a flat pattern is randomly rotated, it doesn’t have much use.

So Drew can rotate it automatically. You can choose if you want the long edge to become horizontal or vertical.

Smart flip

Your supplier will use a press brake to bend your flat patterns into the required shape. And because the press pushes down, the bends will point up.

So to make the life of the people on the shop floor easier, we built the Smart Flip feature.

When you enable Smart Flip, Drew will make sure the majority of bends will be upwards when you add a flat pattern.

flat pattern smart flip bends up

(The dimensions aren’t really part of Smart Flip, by the way)

Flat pattern view options

You can find more info on the settings window here.

Drew sheet metal flat pattern auto rotate -show bounding box - outer dimensions

For every Blueprint, you have a bunch of options. Most options are available for two types of sheets:

  1. Normal sheets and body sheets
  2. Flat pattern sheets

Available options in the settings

  1. Display style
  2. Whether to add a flat pattern automatically to the first sheet when the model is a sheet metal part
  3. Add outer dimensions for the bounding box
  4. Add bend-to-bend dimensions
  5. Delete center marks
  6. Smart flip, so that most bends are up
  7. Hide bend lines
  8. Hide bend notes
  9. Show the bounding box
  10. Rotate the flat pattern view automatically so the long edge lays horizontal or vertical
  11. Preferred sheet corner