Flip a flat pattern so most bends are up

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Making lots of drawings for sheet metal parts gets boring pretty quickly. To help you with that, Drew can add a flat pattern view to a new drawing automatically.

We can even flip the flat pattern view to make sure that most bends are pointing upwards. Because that is how your sheet metal supplier will make the part.

Flip flat pattern view so that most bends are up

The flat pattern view below (on the left has one bend up and two bends down). But bending brakes can only make bends that point upwards.

So to avoid the fabricator having to flip the part more often than necessary, Drew can flip the flat pattern automatically.

flat pattern smart flip bends up

Available settings for flat patterns

Drew has a whole tab full of your preferences for flat pattern views. Here you can also enable flipping the flat pattern automatically.

To help with this, go into the Drew settings, open the Flat patterns tab and enable Flip view so most bends are up.

Sheet metal flip flat pattern - most bends up - solidworks