What is a Blueprint?

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A Blueprint captures the drawing style and preferences of a company.

Drew works best if you create:

  • One or two blueprints for your own company
  • One blueprint for each customer that sent you SOLIDWORKS templates or every customer that has specific preferences

Why we created Blueprints

We created blueprints because we were making the same choice over and over again while making drawings. If the answer is going to be the same every time, Drew stores that answer and uses it for each drawing.

So by capturing these preferences, you have to click less and make fewer choices. As a result, you can create better drawings, faster.

Blueprint settings

A blueprint stores the template that you use for all of your drawings, what type of 3D view you use, which 2D views you prefer, the drawing scales that you allow and more.

Click here for an overview of the available settings.

Drew settings Blueprint details

A style also contains a list of Sheet Sizes. These contain the sheet formats that you are currently working with, plus a few other handy settings.