Add balloons automatically

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Drew can add a balloon for each body when creating body sheets.

The results will look similar to this (and yes, Drew does automatic dimensions as well)

solidworks automatic dimensions weldment body

Automatic balloons: settings

You can enable automatic balloons for each Blueprint in the Settings window.

You can choose to which view the balloon should attach and you can choose whether or not we should add a quantity to the balloon.

Balloon quantity automatic solidworks

Automatic position

Drew will search for the best position to attach a balloon. It will try the center of the view first, then uses the first line in the view as the second-best option.

We then shift the balloon until it is no longer interfering with the view.

Find missing balloons

We have also built you this incredible time-saver: the balloon checker.

With just one click, you can find out which balloons you still need to add. The left button searches on the current sheet. The button on the right searches the entire drawing.

Drew find missing balloons in drawing