Add flat pattern sheet for sheet metal

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Drew can automatically add a flat pattern sheet for every sheet metal body.

You can also add a sheet for every (weldment) body and for every subweldment.

A sheet for every sheet metal body

If your part has at least one sheet metal body, this button is enabled:

Click it and Drew…

  1. Finds all sheet metal bodies within your part
  2. Adds an empty sheet (so without a sheet format)
  3. Adds a flat pattern view at scale 1:1

How Drew handles broken flat patterns

When you add a flat pattern view for a sheet metal body, SOLIDWORKS adds an unfolded configuration to the part.

When you delete this configuration or when you forget to save the part, the drawing view breaks because the configuration is missing. SOLIDWORKS then uses a different the default configuration for the view.

You will notice this problem when you open a drawing and this message shows up: “Configuration referred by view x could not be found.”

solidworks configuration could not be found flat pattern

Drew detects broken flat pattern views.

When you add flat pattern sheets to an existing drawing and a broken flat pattern is found, Drew adds a sheet with a working flat pattern for that body.

You can then decide to delete the sheet with the broken view.

Sheet names

The Blueprint determines the name for the flat pattern sheets.

To change the sheet name, open the Settings window, select a Blueprint and the Sheet names tab.

You can set the base name for normal sheets and sheet metal sheets:

SolidWorks sheet name

When you set the base name as DXF, Drew adds a number so the complete name will become DXF1.

If the base name is empty, the sheet name will just be a number.