How to add a scaled flat pattern view

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You can add a flat pattern view by default to new drawings. This only happens when your model is a sheet metal part with a single body.

Drew also adds one 3D view and one or more 2D views to every drawing sheet by default.

AutoFit finds the best position for all views after you add or remove a view.

drew flat pattern view scaled add automatically

Flat pattern view settings in the Blueprint

For every Blueprint, you have a bunch of options. Most options are available for two types of sheets:

  1. Normal sheets and body sheets
  2. Flat pattern sheets

We have a list of all available flat pattern settings here.

Drew flat pattern rotate settings

Add a 1:1 full-scale flat pattern

You can also add a flat pattern view with a one to one scale. This will create a sheet (without a sheet format), with a 1:1 view. You can export these sheets directly to DWG or DXF.

More info on flat pattern sheets

We automatically check the scale of the views on flat pattern sheets with our Scale checker, so you never order a part with the wrong scale again.