How to add a 3D view

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Drew adds one 3D view and one or more 2D views to every drawing sheet by default. You can even add a scaled flat pattern view.

You can remove this view by selecting the option None in the task pane. AutoFit then finds the best position for all views again.

Drew 3D view options

Current model view

You can also switch to the current model view. This means the view will use the same orientation as the part/assembly currently has.

SOLIDWORKS stores the view orientation. If you rotate the part or assembly afterwards, the view rotation does not change.

View settings in the Blueprint

You have the following 3D view options for every blueprint:

  1. Whether to add a 3D view to normal sheets and to body sheets
  2. 3D view type:
    • Isometric (default)
    • Dimetric
    • Trimetric
    • Current Model view
  3. 3D view sheet corner:
    • Top left
    • Top right (default)
    • Bottom left
    • Bottom right
  4. 3D view display style:
    • Hidden lines removed (default)
    • Hidden lines visible
    • Wireframe
    • Shaded with edges
    • Shaded

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