No more popups: A new drawing in one click

Drew stores your preferred template, sheet format, views and tables so it can start a drawing for you.

See how it works

Why does SOLIDWORKS insist on so many popups? You're going to pick the same template and sheet size 90% of the time. So we automate as many of those popups as we can with Drew.

We store your preferences in blueprints and you can create a blueprint for each customer or each project that has its own way of working. Then you start a new drawing from a blueprint in one click. 

Which items are added to a new drawing?

Blueprints contain dozens of your drawing preferences. When Drew starts a new drawing for you, it can add:

  • Your drawing template
  • The default Sheet Size / sheet format from that blueprint
  • A sheet name
  • A 3D view
  • One or more 2D views (rotated for straight weldments)
  • A scaled flat pattern view for sheet metal parts
  • Outer dimensions (+ angle dimensions for weldments, thickness dimension for sheet metal)
  • A bill of materials (for assemblies)
  • A cut list (for weldments)

Besides the template and sheet format, all items are optional.

The Drew taskpane

We have a task pane for all editing options + a toolbar for all batch tools.

After Drew starts up a new drawing, you can make quick changes. Adding or removing a view or table takes only one click. Drew then updates the sheet scale (when necessary) and shifts all views to make the drawing fit onto the sheet.

We have automated dozens of actions down to one click. Change the sheet size, add outer dimensions, export a drawing, find all missing balloons, the list goes on.

What is Drew?

Drew is an add-in for SOLIDWORKS that doubles your drawing speed.
  • Start a new drawing with one click, or ten at a time
  • Automatically add views, outer dimensions, blocks and more
  • Create a sheet per body with one click
  • Never use a wrong template again
  • Save your engineers overtime and stress
  • Try risk-free for 14 days

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Discover Drew's other features

Automatic dimensions

Drew can add outer dimensions to drawing views so you don’t have to

When you create body sheets, Drew attempts to add dimensions, like the length and width of rectangular contours, diameters of circular contours and thickness of sheet metal. For non-straight weldment ends, Drew will add two angle dimensions.

About dimensions

Advanced drawing templates

Stop trying to remember the drawing style for each customer

Our goal is to create one-click magic. By storing your preferences in blueprints, instead of showing you popup after popup, we can automate the boring bits of making drawings. When you add a view, Drew shifts the other views to make room. It’s awesome.

About blueprints

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