A sheet for each body in one click

Drew adds a sheet with views and dimensions for each unique body. It's great for weldments and sheet metal.

See how it works

One of Drew’s coolest features is the ability to add body sheets. With one click, you add a sheet with views for each unique body. And if the part changes, you hit the button again and Drew adds the missing sheets.

If the body is a straight weldment, we lay a diagonal body horizontal and add angle dimensions. Sheet metal bodies get a scaled flat pattern with bend lines, a bounding box and bend-to-bend dimensions. All according to your preferences.

Which items are added to a body sheet?

We created blueprints, advanced templates for your drawings. Drew creates each body sheet according to the selected blueprint. A body sheet can consist of:

  • The default Sheet Size / sheet format
  • A 3D view
  • One or more 2D views (rotated for straight weldments)
  • A scaled flat pattern view for sheet metal bodies
  • Blocks or notes (at their preferred position)
  • A balloon (with or without item quantity)
  • Outer dimensions (+ angle dimensions for weldments, thickness dimension for sheet metal)

The Drew toolbar for all batch tools

We have a toolbar for all batch tools + a task pane for all smaller actions.

What is Drew?

Drew is an add-in for SOLIDWORKS that doubles your drawing speed.
  • Start a new drawing with one click, or ten at a time
  • Automatically add views, outer dimensions, blocks and more
  • Create a sheet per body with one click
  • Never use a wrong template again
  • Save your engineers overtime and stress
  • Try risk-free for 14 days

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Discover Drew's other features

Add a flat pattern sheet

Add a flat pattern for e each sheet metal body in one click.

Every sheet metal part needs a flat pattern. But how you use them depends on whether you are an engineer or a fabricator. To help fabricators, Drew creates flat pattern sheets, sheets with a 1:1 flat pattern view, without a title block and with minimal extra markings.

About flat patterns

Weldment drawings in a few clicks

Creating a sheet for every unique body is boring work. We’ll do it for you

Drew can add a sheet per body and add views and dimensions. For straight weldments, we even rotate the body so it lays flat on the sheet. Sheet metal bodies get a flat pattern plus a thickness dimension, all according to your preferences.

About weldment drawings

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