Never forget a body in a weldment drawing

Create a sheet with views, outer dimensions, a balloon and blocks for each body in one click

See how it works

Creating one view for a single body takes seven clicks. Adding a balloon takes five. Adding a dimension takes at least three. 

We got tired of making drawing sheets for weldments, so we automated this task with Drew. Now it only takes one click to be 90% done. 

Drew extracts all unique bodies from the cut list, creates a sheet for each one and adds the views, dimensions and annotations you want.

A blessing for multibody drawings

Our blueprints contain 20+ of your preferences for body sheets:

  • The preferred sheet format 
  • The sheet name
  • Whether to add a 3D view
  • Which 2D views to add
  • Whether to rotate the main view so straight weldments lay flat
  • Outer dimension settings
  • Whether to add a scaled flat pattern view for sheet metal parts
  • Need a balloon? With or without the quantity?
  • Whether to adds blocks and/or notes to each sheet


Clean up the results

Drew does the boring work so you only have to add a few details

When Drew has started all body sheets, you can make quick changes like adding a view, adding important dimensions, or adding a cross-section. After each change, we shift all views to make everything fit again.

Saving only takes a single click because Drew saves the drawing next to the part or assembly and with the same name. Exporting only takes one click because we know where and how to save the exports.


What is Drew?

Drew is an add-in for SOLIDWORKS that doubles your drawing speed.
  • Start a new drawing with one click, or ten at a time
  • Automatically add views, outer dimensions, blocks and more
  • Create a sheet per body with one click
  • Never use a wrong template again
  • Save your engineers overtime and stress
  • Try risk-free for 14 days

More info and pricing

Discover Drew's other features

Import ten files at once

Select a folder, then import and save each file. A great first step

When you receive dozens of STEP files from your customers every day, you need a faster way to import them. Drew lets you import just the right files. After that, you can start ten new drawings with just one click, make a few changes and export the drawing.

About batch imports

Start a drawing with one click

Drew stores your drawing preferences and minimizes popups

If SOLIDWORKS would create a popup, we create a setting and automate the question. Answer each question once, then start a new drawing with a single click. We’ll add the sheet format, views and outer dimensions for you.

About new drawings

Boost your effectivity in two minutes

Start saving time right now. You can try Drew for free for 14 days.
All functionality is available and you do not need a creditcard.