How does Drew save me time?

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Our goals with Drew are:

  1. To save you time
  2. To never ask the same question twice (so we created Blueprints)
  3. To minimize the number of clicks per drawing
  4. To minimize popups (we prevent many SOLIDWORKS popups and hardly ever show any ourselves)
  5. To give you full control over your drawing

One-click magic

We are satisfied once you can do complex tasks with one click.

It takes only one click to do any of the following:

Drew has saved you 10,000 clicks so far

To prove that Drew saves you time and effort, we added a click counter.

Every time you do an action within Drew that saves you at least one click, we add it to the counter.

This is our current score:

Solidworks save time, save clicks

How many clicks does this action save me?

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of click-savers within Drew.

We always count the fastest way we can find in SOLIDWORKS, then subtract the number of clicks it takes in Drew.

  • Add a balloon: 4 clicks
  • Add a block or note: 2 clicks
  • Add a dimension: 2 or 3 clicks
  • Add view for single body: 6 clicks
  • Create a new drawing file: 2 clicks
  • Open a drawing for a model: 1 click
  • Open a drawing in quick view: 5 clicks
  • Export a drawing: 5 clicks
  • Fit a flat pattern sheet around a view: 7 clicks
  • Find best sheet scale: 6 clicks
  • Set sheet format for new drawing: 1 click
  • Set bodies in view: 1 click per body
  • Remove a table: 1 click

We can go on and on, we have about 50+ click-savers right now.

As you can see, each item on its own does not save you much time. But it adds up quickly.